Friday, March 21, 2008


We all have dreams but let me compare two situations.

A friend of mine is passionate about his dream - so much so that his face lights up when he talks about it. And what started as something of a little dream is growing, in size and viability, each day. My friend is moving his dream to a plan and the plan into action. The dream is being realized.

I have a dream but I am scared. I am scared of rejection, of failure, of being laughed at. So my dream just sits, nestled inside. Periodically it raises it's head, reminds me it is still there and asks if the time is right. Invariably it isn't.

Is today the day to suck it all up and walk the walk ... maybe tomorrow would be better :-/

Art is Purple Dream by Gabriella Stone


Abbey said...

My dream is just to pack up and go to Chris, just live a normal life... no shift work, no abuse...I'd never look back...just bake biscuits, make beds, create on some level, have my daughter and my dog....Im so bone wearily tired of it all

pita-woman said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.