Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kulfi - the finished product

I didn't get to do my cooking group today (doh!) but, on the upside, I do have the ice-cream here :-)

So I pureed a mango, carmelized some pineapple wedges and bingo! I did have a little taste of the kulfi (despite saying I was going to eat it all the other day) but I am not really a sweet-tooth so I made two dishes and took them to the couple next door.

One thing worth remembering is that, like the homemade ice cream of my childhood, it is harder than shop stuff so I had to sit it out for a few minutes before I could get it out of the tub. Now if I wasn't taking photos I could have used a hot knife and cut it into squares like Grandma did, but all in all, a little wait is a small price to pay really.

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Abbey said...

not sure bout the pineapple but I would scoff the

has gone to my recipe collection Yummmm