Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pasta Night

I made a variation on the lemon pasta theme last night - I had the juice and rind of two lemons, a little sour cream and a good handful of chopped walnuts.

This was served with a very simple salad of baby spinach leaves and a fresh tomato, sliced into wedges.

The pasta was probably the worst batch I had ever made - probably something to do with not having a rolling pin and having to use a balsamic vinegar bottle instead :-/ but if I called it 'rustic' in appearance, it still tasted ok - even without the sauce :-)

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Abbey said...

Hello odd to be miss A!. but i love it...I've given up on the pasta machine, I've come to believe its just a con by italians who needed a good laugh..

but u do have me travelling down memory lane....antonios 2 Italian aunts didnt speak english and were very traditional looking spinsters...but oh the pasta they would make..

they made it the morning before and roll cut dust and stretch for hours..

It would be drapped over broom sticks placed on wooden kitchen chairs...miles of the stuff.....their brothers would make sauces...each to his own recipe and taste....I do remember so much laughing...

I love fresh pasta...just melts in the mouth..yours sounds delicimo...hey chick, after stroopwaffle night...lets have an italian night....x