Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My First Day Of Holidays

No I am not complaining ... well maybe just a little.

Today is the first day of my holidays and I can barely move. I have worked out that if I don't breathe, or attempt anything else that involves the muscular system, then everything is ok. I spent yesterday, my day off, flat on my back for the same reasons.

Ok the whinge is over and I need to drive to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - shouldn't take more than 6 hours. No there is nothing to complain about there, I love a drive! As soon as I can move enough to open the front door and then get the suitcase in the car.... I think I should be on the road by lunchtime. And worse case scenario, I can even drive through the night if need be. Nothing like flexibility :-) (please note the positive attitude I am now displaying)

So once I get there I just need to fill in time until I collect GW form the airport at 11 am tomorrow. She has booked a fabulous hotel for us - and a week of fun fun fun ... well and a visit to the Australia Zoo on their Steve Irwin Day (definitely getting a blog outa that!). But I do plan a stop at the Maleny Cheese Factory to replenish supplies...

Yes GW is also bringing the computer so I will have blog time - probably not the luxurious joy of actually reading everyone else's blogs (that pleasure will be awaiting for me when I get home) but certainly documenting my own adventures.

So, keep an eye out for the new wardrobe and I promise I will be thinking of you all as I do whatever it is I am doing for the next week :-)


Abbey said...

Have a brilliant time chicky..and leave thse flippping trendy shoes that u have become noted for at home...lol

Anonymous said...

Will look forward to seeing some posts from the Sunshine Coast! YEAH sure, you'll be thinking of home all the time ...HAHHAAA make sure you really DO have a holiday :)

kyles said...

hope u are having lots of laughs and taking lots of deep breaths!