Friday, November 2, 2007

Before and After

For those who haven't met me, I live a pretty casual life. I don't dress up very often and colour co-ordination is my preference over fancy labels.

Well reality bites and in a couple of weeks I am staying at a fancy hotel with the impeccably presented GW. Now I am not compromising myself but I do need to pick up the wardrobe - not really sure sarong tops and bandanas are very fancy. And it wouldn't hurt at all to be a little less casual in my regular life :-)

So here is my before photo. I have a few thoughts about what to create - and even splurged on a couple of patterns (that are now $20 each aaargh!!!!) and tomorrow is the 'create a wardrobe day'. Yes the Janome is warming up and I am ready to sew... Ok I do have two pairs of jeans from work to repair as well but all things being good, on Sunday afternoon I will be able to post photos of the resort wardrobe! (well my version anyway :-))

And yes I know I said tomorrow is the day but realistically, it will take two days....


kyles said...

oh goodie, looking forward to seeing your new threads :) the colours look suitably bright and mg-ish!

kyles said...

ok hun, where are these fabulous new threads....smiles...come on your adoring fans are waiting to see!!!! hey btw, I bought a dress thingy today, haven't worn one since I got married 18 years ago, but hey a change is a good as a holiday, Tony bet me I won't wear it!