Monday, November 5, 2007

My World As I Knew It Has Ended

I thank Miss K for breaking this to me gently ...

Meat Loaf has stunned fans by announcing his shock retirement as he walked off stage mid-song in England.

Performing in Newcastle, the 60-year-old sang just the first line of 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' before exiting the stage, leaving his fans speechless.

"I can no longer continue," the 'Bat Out Of Hell' rocker told the crowd.

"This is the last show I may ever do in my life.

"This is my last ever gig, this is my last ever song.

"Thanks for 30 years … I can't do this any more."

A doctor was called to examine Meat Loaf, real name Michael Lee Aday, and said the entertainer was suffering from exhaustion.

His following concert in Birmingham was cancelled, while the fate of his world tour remains unclear.

"It was devastating having to come off stage in Newcastle but over time, I've reluctantly learned that I have to abide by what the doctors tell me to do," Meat Loaf said in a statement.

The tour was expected to visit Australia in February.


Anonymous said...

Oh no!

kyles said...

oh baby, it made me sigh out loud, so I knew you would be gutted...I wanted you to hear it from a friend first :) I hearby declare Mr Meat will be music of choice at the next girls night in x

Mountaingirl said...

Yes, I am holding it together ... thanks for all of the support in this very difficult time. Sniff, sob, sob :-/

The folks at work greeted me with mocking sympathy (I was hoping they had done something constructive like watch the news but allegedly Miss G let them know)and this mocking continued all day. Yes anony, you have competition in the 'lets make fun of MG and Meat Loaf' but I think you may still be ahead, just :-)

Abbey said...

Oh my god! you need a bex and a good lie down...

Hey meant to say next girls night the 24 Nov ..if it suits..Miss K's waffle iron in hand..feel like i havnt seen u for ages..

Anonymous said...

*very loud laughter*

Mountaingirl said...

Yes anony - you are definitely still winning :-)

Mountaingirl said...

24 Nov suits me just fine - shall Miss K cook again or are we taking turns, or are each bringing something to share? At this point we have stroopwaffles, and .... what else did we have on our list?

kyles said... there anything else in this world i want more than a stroopwaffle right now (thanks mix!!!!!) i don't think but I spose we should cover a few other food groups! You are welcome at my place...we can sit out on the verandah under the fairy lights :) How about you do something vego, and I'll do the rest, but you and Abbey can fight over the stroopwaffles, I'll eat em if someone makes em for me! Mix.....where are you, coming to cook for us?

Mountaingirl said...

Miss A is bringing the pan/iron, Mix has provided the recipe and the rest is in my hands :-/ I have even come up with a healthy alternative for you Miss K :-)