Friday, November 23, 2007

One More Sleep :-)

Okay so I have been counting down the sleeps for ages but thought it might be a tad boring to the rest of the world if I posted the countdown but one more sleep is one more sleep :-)

So when tomorrow comes don't forget to vote :-) And if you want to follow Al Capone's advice "vote early and vote often" ha ha ha ha

If you are still undecided, then Getup has a little quiz that will create a personal how to vote card based on what is most important to you.

Have fun and yes tonight will be my last sleep until we have a result :-)


Anonymous said...

I have to wait until the afternoon because a family affair ... you know EVERYONE thinks there is lesser cue in the morning :)))

Abbey said...

girl u must be giggly with i can think of is the trees felled to fuel this...
& how in a supposed democracy, voting is compulsory..
but I havent seen an ad or read a conventional newspaper, but i know where my 'ticks' are going...

Mountaingirl said...

Excited is an understatement :-) I was counting down the hours until the poll opens but now I can count the hours until 6 pm tonight (11 hours and 44 minutes)onwards.

I have picked out my electorates of choice (Eden-Monaro - obviously, Bennelong, Wentworth and Kim's electorate of Swan). Mind you we are unlikely to get a result form Swan for a week but I have been through that before :-)

Definitely my favorite time of the year :-)