Saturday, November 10, 2007

RAK and Shirley

I was a bit flat last Sunday. No reason in particular, just a bit flat. By lunchtime I was tired of walking around the house sighing heavily with no-one noticing so decided to do something a bit more positive.

I recalled a wonderful RAK by Miss A (with her very fabulous hair) in lending me a copy of Shirley Valentine. So I fired up the computer, made myself a chilli chocolate and settled down....

Oh I love this movie! I have seen it half a dozen times but probably not for 10 years or so. What a delightful pick me up on a Sunday afternoon. Yes there is probably a little bit of Shirley in all of us but her attitude to life - including conversations with the ever-faithful 'wall' - is so refreshing - especially when 'we' have spent the morning heavily sighing to ourselves!

1 comment:

Abbey said...

Oh I think there is a little of Shirley in all of us...i love when she fed his dinner to the dog..and his reaction...laugh

Miss K has it now so I will be watching it next week..

oh thank you for the hair remark...little bit of change does me