Friday, November 2, 2007

My Birthday Is Over

Had a great birthday this year (I was with my Dad!!!!) and decided to start a new tradition that is wasn't officially over until the balloons died :-)

Now my birthday was in mid August and two balloons are completely deflated and the last few are the size of limes. I have looked at the now pitiful little pile and have considered honoring the new tradition until the very last possible moment but they are really a pitiful little pile so this morning I called it, the 2007 birthday is now over.

Can someone please come up with a new excuse to party?


Anonymous said...

Sorry ... all my parties ended yesterday :) I didn't even have balloons, netherlone a groovy headband ;)

kyles said...

joshie thinks that cause in our home the birthday cards stay on the mantle until the next persons birthday that his birthday should go from the middle of october until the end of december!

Mountaingirl said...

I like the way Joshie thinks :-)