Friday, November 9, 2007

Power to the People

For those who aren't as passionate about politics as myself, or for those who who have been asleep over the last three and a half weeks, we have an election coming up - November 24 to be exact.

I worked at the last election and was amazed by the amount of people who approached the 'tablecloth' which was the voting paper for the NSW upper house and complained about the size of it! Ok so there was some definite 'alternative' options there - like the Australian Horseriding Party and the Free Our Suburbs Party - but, overall, isn't it fabulous that we live in a country that means EVERYONE is free to form a party, or run as an independent.

Ok so the form was the size of the alleged tablecloth, but you only had to mark above the line (if that was your choice - I did have one voter who, like me, marks EVERY box) but isn't a tablecloth an indicator of how 'free' we really are, how democratic we are? Would people prefer to not being able to vote? Or to turn up and only have one choice?

We have sent our soldiers around the world to fight for this 'freedom' - to East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan as a starter. As a nation we are supporting the right to have your say, for our version of democracy.

Please turn up to vote on the 24th. Donkey vote if you want - you have that the right and the freedom.

So many people in this world never have the choice....

* Okay, I have strong opinions about Iraq, and please don't connect my inclusion of our soldiers there as any form of support for that abomination of a war .... please read this as a support for the freedom we have to vote and the celebration of that freedom


kyles said...

My Mum who I always think of as a strong independant woman is struggling with the election. Even though they divorced in 1982, she still depended on my fathers opinion to know who she should vote for. It amazes me that women still hand over decisions like their vote to men, which in a way indicates that we aren't capable. Maybe I'm reading too much into it and it just meant she valued his opinion, but we have been having some very different discussions as a Mum and daughter...smiles!

Oh and I love those ads where 'a vote' is seen as a precious thing, and people nuture their minds so they don't waste their vote, keep informed and use it wisely I say!

Anonymous said...

My parents always cancel out each other's votes!