Saturday, November 3, 2007


Okay, I know there are lots of family and friends who cruise by fairly regularly but don't always leave messages. In positive moments I also consider that there could be millions of other individuals cruising by :-)

Anyway, this post is especially for you - yes you - no you don't have to leave a comment, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you dropping by - and especially when in emails and phone calls come little snippets like - "I love your hair" or "your garden is looking good" or "do you always photograph your meals" or other little bits of feedback.

This blog is for me 'to express myself' (ha ha ha) but is also an ideal way to catch up with those I am away from - and not with just the big bits of news but those daily 'moments' that keep me amused and shape who I am.


kyles said...

right back at ya...smiles...I write for me too, but I also have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you through your blog

Gale said...

but its so frustrating..ahhhh I know what you mean girl...3 people said that to me this week..

when I say well leave a comment (and one person had obviously read each post)...they said they didnt know what to say..I said exactly what you did ..'hello'...

Mines not so much about expression (although Im sure that comes out) but more about me trying to make sense of a world that often gets me so

I did laugh last night as my husband left a comment!

Mountaingirl said...

I actually don't mind if people don't leave comments - most say they don't know how to, but for whatever reason it is ok. I have learned to respect that - especially when I get feedback through emails or phone conversation!

I must admit when I first started it I was traffic focussed - and I definitely wanted evidence that people had come by but that phase has kinda passed.

For those who leave comments it makes my heart skip! It enables a new conversation to start and I love that - and I get to know people a bit better - and hopefully the blog gets more interesting as a result.

But either way is perfectly acceptable by me :-)