Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Some years ago my cousin P laughingly advised me that Daria, from the cartoon of the same name, was really me! As I loved the cartoon I didn't think anything of it - in fact I took it as a bit of a compliment cos she is a particularly smart cookie.

I have just watched the opening credits (yes I am still sewing) and I realize that I really am Daria - I laugh at different things in the movies and seem to have a different perspective to all others around me - and don't get me on playing competitive sport (an emphasis on ME being competitive). I even where Blundies if I have to wear a skirt (twice a year max). I love it!!!

I know P's original comment was a passing observation but I have, just at this moment, realized how insightful that somewhat throw-away comment really was.

Love your work P :-)


Abbey said...

I havn't watched Daria for years...but baby you are uniquely you...

Skirts and boots...god I would wear them every day if i could..I call it my 'Little House on The Praire' skirts and work just dont work for me

Mountaingirl said...

LHoP rocks when it comes to skirts and boots. the bonnets, corsets, florals, lack of electricity or running water are another matter but skirts and boots - yeah!

Do do remember when Laura Ingles became Laura Ingles Wilder????

Abbey said...

no but I was sso sad when she became blind..

Anonymous said...

I love Daria!