Monday, November 12, 2007

A Special Young Man

I had the privilege of meeting the incredible Mr R yesterday. This young man is just amazing. For a start he chose to come and have conversations with an 'old person' like me (how many teenage guys want to talk to an 'old' - read "age-of-parents") duck.

And then when he started talking he was confident, articulate, an excellent listener, amusing and witty. He is obviously not only intelligent (he discussed a wide range of subjects including inserting philosophical comments on many of them), but he is comfortable in his own skin (again how many teenagers really fall into that category).

Mr R likes music no-one else does (not that I have that problem - everyone loves Meatloaf ha ha ha), or maybe I should say music that isn't todays Top 40. He admits he is random. He has great friends. He has no problem in standing out from the crowd. He can cook (was going to do a roast last night). He didn't swear or make sexual comments (eg hey look at the arse on her!). He sees the world in his own way - and that is ok. Later on he carried things for me. He volunteered to help with the washing up. He is a gentleman.

I meet a lot of people Some become friends but most just float off into their own worlds. Mr R made an impression that few others have made. An absolute pleasure.

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kyles said... soon as we have computer and net access back on at home i'm sure you will get a thank you, but for now...thank you, i feel really proud for some odd reason!