Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Day in the Kitchen

Yesterday was a big cooking day.

We had a lunch for 20 people. I was able to use a few of the vege in the fridge and I already had some store cupboard items like the soy sauce but otherwise my budget was $60. I overspent by 7 cents :-) The request was for a Chinese banquet and my menu was:

Beef and Black Bean
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sticky Chicken Drumsticks
Chinese Chicken Wings
Steamed Tofu and Mushroom Wontons
Stir Fry Veges
Green Beans and Asparagus served on noodles with a soy sauce

Dessert was a Baked Mango Cheesecake (as requested and my gift so not included in the budget).

I had a volunteer to help out with the cooking which was much appreciated. And another staff member jumped in and did dishes. I was really pleased with the sweet and sour sauce (homemade of course), actually the pork component too if I think about it. I think I would maybe put some flaked almonds in and put some more oomph in the soy dressing of the beans when I make it next time. All in all it went very very well. The camera was out of batteries so I missed getting photos but I have recovered :-)

Dinner was only for two (thanks A) and I had a bit of a cheese theme going. First there was holumi fingers served with Turkish pide. Then I made a watermelon, mint, olives and feta salad - didn't put the lime dressing on for a change - just let the other flavors come through. Then there was nashi with blue cheese and walnuts. And finally there was baby spinach, cherry toms and baby bocconcini. And (cheese free) was some blanched asparagus spears. Overall it was very light but filling at the same time. Wouldn't have changed a thing :-)

Tonight I cook for the Random Miss G and at the moment I am thinking Indian ..... will keep you posted :-)


Gale said...

Girl you are on a roll!... You so know me...Indian divine but baby any meal you cook and we share is gorgeous..i am so lucky...

kyles said...

all of a sudden i feel jealous to only work days, but i did get to partake in the chinese feast and it was absolutely scrumptious! Mountaingirl is the best cook ever and her enthusiasum is infectious, I'm lucky to see all that in action from time to time :) well done rae, mwah!