Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week of Blahs

In the week or so Miss G, Miss K, Miss L and I have all had very big life blahs.

As we are all working through these in a positive way, I choose to think this was a rent in the universe that sent these very different but equally impactful trials upon us. Equally, I think we have all risen (or at the very least, are rising) to the challenge of our blahs and as such the season of things going so very wrong is over.

The sun is rising over the new phase of our lives. Halleujah and amen! Women triumph again :-)


kyles said...

yes my dear, onwards and upwards, bring on summer I say!

Gale said...

Oh bugger the Blah's! is to short... the people around me to loving ... and I just wanna scream...Bring It On! ...there is nothing we cannot do!