Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Deep Paddle

I stayed back at work for a bit on Thursday morning. Having just done night shift I was unusually happy and dare I say, functional.

At 7.35 each morning, we take our young people out for morning exercise. Usually this is more of a pyjama clad shuffle than a true exercise routine, but hey, sometimes we need to take what we can get :-)

Instead of the usual morning trip to the jetty to inspect the catch of the day from the commercial fishing boats, and to say hello to our very own Captain Jack (or at least that is what we call him), I took our lovelies to a nearby beach for a bit of a change.

The guys set off on an energetic walk up the headland with the male staff members. I decided to take a little paddle in that the ocean that looked very refreshing. The young ladies followed.

I was happily paddling when I noticed I was wet up to the knees - oh what the heck! By the time I was wet to my armpits we realised that this was no longer a paddle - this was a swim - fully dressed :-) And yes two out of the three were also frolicking in the ocean with me - fully clothed.

After much laughter and self-ridicule (all in good humor I hasten to add) we piled out back to the beach.

I must admit they had the advantage of a shower and change of clothes when we returned to the house where as I had the joy of making little puddles as I walked around.

What a way to start a day :-)

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