Saturday, October 20, 2007

Maya and Passion

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off you.”
When my John passed there were many choices to make including what sort of job I wanted, where did I want to live, who was I, what was important.

Brother G stepped in and gave me some of the best advice I have ever got - it went along the lines of "if you only had one year left to live, what would be your priorities, how would you spend your time, who would be important to you, what sort of person do you want be remembered as". I started small but ultimately that is what lead me to follow my passion - to continue to paint, to move to the east cost, to adopt the 'free to be me' life creed.

He is at a bit of a crossroads so we have started taking on the conversation again. How do you know what your passion is? What is your true life goal? What is the money/passion balance - can you really have it all? I must admit I am happy with my overall journey in life but I have been reading' (recommended by Brother G) and have started considering 'what else'?

I know I have oft talked about marketing my art more, and when I moved over here had to start a completely new collection (WAY too expensive to move the existing works over) so that has delayed things. Now it is almost done I am getting a few butterflies and thoughts of self doubt.

I have been doing the same job for a few years now (started in WA got a similar one over here). It is so far off my initial skill base to is sometimes laughable. Now for the most part I enjoy it, but is it my life purpose to stay in the industry.

I love food (have you figured that out yet ha ha ha) and produced dozens of cookbooks for family, friends, projects, gifts, whatever over the years. I dream of having a newspaper column and sharing easy recipes, good food/real food, a healthy life and fun with others. I dream of holding proper cooking classes (although I am always happy to show or help someone with something new). I have done restaurant work and aside from having my own quirky little place, have no real desire to go back. But food and politics (small p) go so well together - not to mention my loves of gardening, writing and general paperwork!

So what started as a conversation about Brother G is spilling over to my own life. I love it!


Gale said...

At a similar crossroad. Girl you are spoiled for choice. But I like the questions raised..How so you know what your passion is...

well for me..If all my base needs were food safety love warmth. What would I choose to do for me, spend my time doing...

Can you have it all? Yes.. 2 me its all about balance..

Mmmm got me thinking..

Miss K said...

Very inspiring words , Yes now you have me thinking too
i have many pasions and lusts.....Gardening, Food , clothing.....still trying to work out which ones are which. But i'm Happy while i'm working it out, so i think thats a bonus.
Whatever you deside to do, do it with all your soul and you will be happy.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

I just left a similar comment to your post under one of Gales haha! I find passions find a way of being involved in your life somehow anyway. It's what makes us most happy. Like Gale says, the difficulty is balance, but what happens when we are unbalanced is a NEED to follow or be involved in a passion. There can be many passions in a lifetime and some are only exercised for brief periods but they will still remain with you no matter what you are doing. Example, the skills they give you are used in so many different ways to create a path forward. Hope this comment isn't too unclear *yawn* :)