Monday, October 22, 2007

Doors and the Meaning of Life

There is a saying that "as one door closes, another opens".

At the moment I am facing a door that is almost closed.

Part of me is having a screaming fit that the time isn't right and that it just isn't fair. Part of me is scared and desperately looking around for other doors. And part of me stands at the door knowing that life gives you hints and when you don't take them it comes back and makes sure you hear the message loud and clear.

Is it to late to say that I hear you, and you don't need to close this door - I have the message.

Ironically I made a reference to the situation the other day when I was talking about following your passion. Should have paid more attention to my own words...


Gale said...

Oh baby u said it so eloquently...

kyles said...

Maybe the door isn't closing at all, maybe the wind is just blowing it a little to make you consciously think about whether you want to go through that door :)

Have faith in your skills, abilities, intuition and integrity, things happen sometimes to shake us up a little... I have faith in you :)

Mountaingirl said...

Oh I luv u gals - you make me laugh in the good times, and you make me smile in the tough ones! Isn't that was friendship is all about?

No Experts Needed said...

I loved your post. Having a door slam in my face was the best thing to ever happen in my life. It was a job loss...laid off work in 2002 due to the dot com bomb.

But in that moment, I listened to Spirit and the answers I received put me on a glorious path...and then wrote a book about my amazing journey.

But that's my story. When YOU listen to Spirit (defined only by you), you will then begin a journey that begins from within. From there, all answers are yours.

If you have time, I'd love for you to share your 'meaning of life' answer on the Contact page of my site (Invite open to all...)

I send my best for your upcoming journey! Thank you again for the post....

take care,
Louise Lewis
Author, "No Experts Needed:
The Meaning of Life According to You!"