Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Election Continues

I have been trawling through the inimitable Anthony Green's election rundown - checking out seats of interest and, well just plain amusing myself.

The seat of Forrest in WA is going to be a lot of fun to watch. the sitting member is resigning (not my favorite person in the world) and while the seat, on paper should be a safe Liberal one Noel Brunning (local news reader) is running as an independent. Does anyone else remember when Noel was just starting out on radio and he built a chook shed? Anyway, Noel seems to be running as a genuine pro-South West candidate - and with his profile and credibility would have to be considered a real possibility.

The bookies aren't taking anymore money on the seat but consideration must also be given (in my eyes anyway) to the fabulous Kingsley Gibson who is the local Greens candidate. Now there is a man of vision and compassion and integrity. I knew Kingsley years and years ago and he is an incredible human being. Not only does he support Green policies, he actually lives them!

Eden-Monaro is one my favorite seats - not because I have any vested interest (or know any candidates) but because, historically, whoever wins EM, wins government. The Liberal margin has increased slightly with a redistribution but it is still marginal. Does anyone know of local polling in the seat?

And, news just in, Wentworth (currently held by Malcolm Turnbull) has a new candidate - the ex-wife of the Labor candidate. Danielle Ecuyer is running as an independent and is seeking the protest vote.

Stay tuned ....

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