Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quick Question

Yes, Dumbledore has been outed - by no lesser being than JK herself.

According to the news story there has been significant speculation regarding this small detail on the fan sites and the rumors were confirmed yesterday.

So ... well it explains something I didn't really understand regarding Dumbledore putting up with a twit like Gellert Grindelwald but ... well I am just wondering if confirming the rumor actually just makes up for some poor writing in that section. It appeared a little disjointed part of the book (although we are all forgiving to sections like that - these books are meant to be fun, not high art). I just ask myself why is JK telling us now - if it was important, it should have been explicit in the book, if it's irrelevant ... well it's irrelevant.

And for that matter, why am I even blogging this?


Rob, Tiina, Loz, Zak & Anya said...

Y'know.. I just thought it was one final attempt to get the overly hyped Harry Potter series back into the news one last time so that more people get sucked into the franchise.

Gale said...

I don't even read the stupid things
(yes i no darling u love them) had no idea what you were talking I nipped over and at first thought they must of been talking about the actor...(possible bit of news there)

but my god!...shes going on about a character in a book! forgive me for trashing RK but isnt she (and others) taking it a bit serious..Its a novel for godsake..

I agree with Rob & much money do they want to sqeeze out of kids..

Give me enid blyton anyday...rofl..

Sorry baby, but the concept just seemed a wee bit silly but your post on it was brilliant...x

Mountaingirl said...

Glad I wasn't the only one feeling a bit cynical :-)