Saturday, October 20, 2007

Good News Story

Miss K mentioned that she was going to post one good news story a week. "I will join you" was my reply. "I will start right now" was my thought. Well, that seems like hours ago. I have been cruising the net looking for a 'good news' story from Africa. I didn't realize how hard that would be! I even ended up looking at the 'fluffy' sites. I will obviously have the get more organized or informed if this is going to continue.

Nonetheless, I have found two bits which I find to be worthy of posting under the banner of "Good News". Both are from the BBC.

The first is a bit self explanatory, but nonetheless makes you almost jump for joy. "Promising results for malaria jab" relates the positive outcomes that are coming from trials of the medication on African children. Malaria is a disease that kills about 1 million African children each year - about one every 30 seconds so any effective vaccine would literally be a life saver.

"Hope flowers for West Bank school" is a great story about a school that has chosen not to buy into all the crap going on outside its gates. Hope Flowers was Founded as a kindergarten in 1984, the institution places peace and democracy at the heart of its syllabus and extra-curricula activities, promoting non-violence and dialogue as means for conflict resolution.

In addition
Hope Flowers was the first school in the Palestinian territories to hold inter-faith lessons, instead of splitting its Christian and Muslim pupils into separate classes, and has invited rabbis from Israel to teach the pupils about Judaism.

It was also the first Palestinian school to teach Hebrew, to try to engender trust among the children towards Israelis.

Now that is what I call GOOD NEWS :-)


Gale said...

You 2 girls rock...sometimes when I'm writing bout iraq etc...I think God is there any good out there!.. ta baby I will rely on you to keep me up to date..x

kyles said...

smiles...well we do what we can, like a pair of flutterbyes, fluttering good news around, besides I've heard it's contagious, like a smile :)

kyles said...

hey rae, does this mean we are the good news we get wings with that?

Mountaingirl said...

Not only do we get wings but we get to frolic like little ballerinas, spreading peace and love wherever we go ... ha ha ha just had a mental image of me in a pink tutu doing Swan Lake ... oh nothing like self deprecating humor first thing in the morning :-)

kyles said...

what colour was my tutu? huh? lol, oh yes, you must laugh, otherwise we will go