Monday, October 29, 2007

This is Happiness!

Look what else I got! Yes it is a real CWA cookbook (and, before anyone asks, yes I had to leave mine in storage in WA). So not only do I have another copy - this one is a different edition - but this one is from 1951. That is over 50 years old :-)

For those unfamiliar with this little gem of a book, it is compiled by the CWA clubs of Western Australia and includes all of the basic recipes like how to cook lamb chops, mashed potatoes, trifle, scones and the bestest sponge cake. Then it kicks into a vignette of Australian history with recipes like Stuffed Tripe with Banana Sauce (page 35), Whiting Boiled (page 18), Calf's head - Boned and Stuffed (page 48) and Flap and Kidney En Casserole (page 44).

Then there are the sections on "Home Making, Gardening and Outdoor Hints" (including how to make calf food or deal with scaly legs on chickens), "Floor and Furniture Polishes", "Toilet Hints and Toilet Soaps" (including a paste for chapped hands, how to clean false teeth and a great face ointment that is based on mutton suet), "Laundry Hints and Miscellaneous Recipes", "Hints for the Home and to Preserve the Temper" (including how to wash a fleece or renew an iron trough, instructions for a homemade ice chest and an alternate use for old felt hats) and possibly my very favorite "Invalid Cooking" (yes just let me know if you are feeling poorly and I will whip up some Milk Gruel or Beef Tea Custard or a Nerve Tonic or some Raw Liver Juice).

And it has bonus recipes inside - yes the handwritten one is written with real ink - none of this ball point pen stuff here!

All of this for less than $7!!!!!!!

I did initially think about repairing the book but I have decided that I couldn't possibly - the wear and tear is a part of its history and a demonstration of its previous use.

You are in the company of one very happy Mountaingirl :-)


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic find! I collect old books sometimes and agree to repair them, takes away part of their history :)

Anonymous said...

Have to add, I have never eaten tripe that hasn't wanted me to throw up! HAHAHHAAA

Gale said...

Oh my God! you must be in mountaingirl heaven!!! I love it, Its up there with my scrabble dont repair it..its perfect as it is..

Now are you keeping an eye out for the common sense cook book part 1?

Kirby said...

What a gem! and only $7,