Saturday, October 27, 2007

National Museum to Launch Botanical Garden

This is my good news story of the week. It was featured in "The Voice Online" from Botwswana. I have edited it a bit for length but feel welcome to check out the full story.

GABORONE - The Botswana National Museum will official launch a National Botanical Garden, which is the first of its kind in Botswana on November 2.

Addressing a news conference at News Caf Head in National History Division at the Botswana National Museum, Mr Nonofo Mosesane said they were ready to introduce the garden, situated opposite Gaborone Club to the public and inform them about its services.

Mr Mosesane said although the garden had been around for some time with the first plants having been transported there as far back as 1999, they had to keep them from the public until it was fully developed.

He said the garden existed to protect, preserve and promote Botswanas cultural and natural heritage, adding that for environmental awareness they were able to host individuals to learn or share information on plants.

He said they also had some of plants that people use for medical purposes in the 116 species contained in the garden.

We collected plants from country sides across the region because we wanted to have back up, we want to be able to reintroduce them if the situation arises, Mr Mosesane said. He added that by having some of the medical plants in the garden they hoped the plants would take pressure of those in the wild and reduce their sales.

Mr Mosesane said their emphasis was on threatened or rare plants, adding that even though people did not recognise their worth today, they might end up being valuable in the end.
For instance, Khaki weed is now making people a lot of money, but it was not taken seriously in the beginning, he added. Mr Mosesane encouraged Batswana to visit the garden, as it was also resourceful when it came to leisure.

It has a peaceful atmosphere and you can come there to relax and enjoy nature adding that there was less noise.

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