Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Mother Changes The World

From ABC Online

Afghan bomber kills himself, family

A bomber has killed himself and his family in Afghanistan as his mother tried to stop him carrying out a Taliban-style suicide attack in southern Uruzgan province.

A spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry says the man's bomb-filled vest blew up as his mother struggled with him to prevent him leaving home for his deadly mission.

His sister and brother were also killed.

This mother must surely have realized that she was sacrificing herself to save many others....

I for one say "thank you". Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for choosing peace over war - even though the price was so astronomical, thank you for reminding the world that not all "persons of Middle Eastern Appearance" are out to kill, thank you for your love.

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Gale said...

God R. where does it end, how much trauma can humanity witness. This poor poor brave desperate woman.

Im making a peace garden, not sure how it will be. My mother in law had a peaceful 'grotto' with a seat, the virgin mary, nestled amongst the foliage..she would often meditate there when the world became to much...

I will make it in honour of this woman, for all women...

I feel so empty and impotent at times....x