Friday, October 26, 2007

The Essence Of Me

Some time ago Miss G commented (and yes this was in context) " but you will be losing the bits that make you you".

Since then I have pondered on what actually makes up 'me'. I acknowledge that the friends from the west may have a different answer to those who know me now but ...

I think I am free, I am a bit alternative, I see the world though my eyes, I dress very casual (ok a bit hippy), I am passionate, I am loyal to friends, I have opinions, I am woman, I am me.

I accept that I amend some of these bits depending on where I am or who I am with but I don't think I could ever compromise 'me' again.


kyles said...

i think u r perfect just the way you are, and i love all your bits...giggles

Gale said...

well u left off, sensational, loving, creative, gifted, u have integrity, patience, optimism ... now back to me...oh and u have humour, big bucketfuls