Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How To Be Unpopular

Here goes...

An Australian soldier was killed overnight in Afghanistan. His family and friends will mourn him as an indisputably valuable human being.

I didn't know the man and don't want to reflect on him personally but on the general principle.

This man was a soldier. Soldiers are not presently co-opted into their careers, they choose their path. This soldier, and all of his colleagues, were paid to be in Afghanistan. This soldier, and all of his colleagues, were was paid to kill if necessary. This soldier, and all of his colleagues, were were trained to the nth degree to perform this action.

We don't have a daily mourning for the thousands of Afghanis (innocents or freedom fighters - their perception) that have died. Why is it that this white man from Australia, who was part of an invading force (whether you agree with the ideals behind the invasion or not) is worth so much more of our attention than the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of Afghanis that have also died. Many of which were 'collateral damage' and neither chose to be part of the fight nor were paid for their part.

What country mourned for them?


kyles said...

I do agree with some of your thoughts here Rae, and I don't think there is an easy answer to any of it. A life is a life is a life, any loss in the name of anger is tragic.

I think sometime our militant national pride gets in the way, and we aussies are notoriously patriotic when it comes to things like this, must be all them yanks we are hanging around with.

Seriously though, I agree about the loss of innocent lives. In any case I took comfort in the fact the Aussies didn't return fire due to civilian presence in the area, makes me hopeful for humanity, just a little wee bit.

PS If you are moved to travel on over, I blogged me favourite quote in response to this issue :)

Gale said...

No baby i dont think thats unpopular...I 2 wrote, and mourned, a gave silence for this man..not because i was moved by a
'diggers' death (as done to death in the tabloids)..but i was grieved as a mother for a son, this is where i related. I greived for the waste,

I have spared endless silence in memory of the iraqi's...those who have no choice...