Saturday, October 20, 2007


The situation in Pakistan confuses me.

On one hand I am really pleased that Benazir Bhutto has stood up to the militants and has returned to Pakistan. I agree that we should never be ruled by the bullies.

On the other hand, I really wonder at the cost of her return. Ms Bhutto can't be Prime Minister again without a change to the constitution (how likely is that) - and probably a 'deal' with Musharraf (what price that one) and that would be on top of the deal she has already done with this military dictator.

And then there are the corruption charges against Ms Bhutto that still need to be addressed - some have apparently been dropped but the court can apparently reinstate them, as well as address the outstanding issues. Are they a political beat up - well your guess is as good as mine but I doubt they can, or will, be ignored.

And, keeping all of that in mind, consider that while her motorcade was touring the city celebrating her return, 133 people were assassinated by the militants and their suicide bombers. Benazir and her party were unhurt as the car was armour plated. I am sure they won't be the last of this campaign.

I have no easy answer to "what price" nor can I really give a definite answer to the "right and wrong" of the situation (except for the suicide bombers of course). But I haven't stop asking what price is too high?


kyles said...

One of my facebook friends from Pakistan just updated his status to 'S' is mourning the loss of his city to sinister times...brings it home when those who live there and are innocent have their blood spilled. I don't know enough about it to pass comment on Ms Bhutto, but I have decided I am going to post one good news story a week, about something positive happening in the world, about human beings caring for eachother, I know it's just a drop but I want to try and find some positiveness. It won't mean that I stop praying for those in Pakistan, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan or Rwanda, just that I need to find some love


Mountaingirl said...

That is a great idea K ... sometimes I look at politics across the world and struggle to find something good, or honest, or with integrity - let alone without the bloodshed of innocents. I too will join the quest :-)