Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Election has Been Called!

Yes I am in absolute seventh heaven - the campaign-proper is here! Okay so I am not actually helping working on anyone's campaign (which is very weird) but the blood is pumping and it is all very exciting.

Now obviously there are a lot of factors to consider when determining who will get your ever-valuable vote - lets see: the party they represent, their personality, will they personally be a good advocate for the community. And then of course there are policies - industrial relations will obviously be a factor but equally health and education are front runners for your attention. Then of course there is the Iraq factor and other social justice issues. So much to consider.

So I have made it easy for you - I have considered your personal situation and all relevant factors to your life and the solution is.... VOTE KIM WILKIE 1.

Okay so he is in the seat of Swan (WA) so that may cause a small inconvenience for some, but hey! you won't find a better local man :-)

Declaration of interest: Kim used to be my boss and still holds the title of "Raelene's Favorite Boss Ever" :-)

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Gale said...

You little political see the promises made, for myself is the question of Iraq that i will be voting on.. nothing more, nothing less...