Sunday, October 28, 2007


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to have just one best friend.

If you have friends of such high caliber as myself, it is inevitable that you will have at least 5 best best friends.

I used to have 'friends' that didn't want the best for me but a few house moves and 'forgetting' to pass on my details took care of that! They weren't bad people (not by any stretch of the imagination) but I knew that when I spent time with them, I came away feeling used or upset or ... well just not the best.

So now I live in much happier times, surrounded by those who love me and respect me and with more than 1 best friend :-)


Gale said...

laugh...i remember high school when ya just didnt share...'she cant be your best friend cause she said.......'
or your not my best friend cause Kate is so you can be my very next best friend...

how fun it is to grow up and realise that friends are friends 7 you can have so

so who is the other one...cause i know shes not best friend like i am...ha ha

kyles said...
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kyles said...

the more the merrier I say, and I get older I have found I have friends who fit into different pieces of my friends who understand that madness, friends who have tribes of kids who understand me going grey at the thought of kids growing up and forever friends, which I have several of and am so very very blessed with.

kyles said...

oops, that was me posting twice, sorry, i got trigger finger on the publish button, promise to behave from now on!

Mountaingirl said...

Oh the jealousy - I forgot about that - how hilarious... and actually cruel now that I consider it!

And did you ever know of a group of three friends where two were 'best friends' so that meant the other one had to be a second-best friend simply because you couldn't have two besties! Horrible really :-/

BTW G - you are my favorite G in the whole entire world and you are my best best friend with the name G! Miss K this applies to you too - just insert your name in the appropriate spaces :-)