Monday, October 15, 2007

I Can't Believe It!!!!!!

There is an animal circus in the region! And it brags about having elephants and lions!

Does anyone really still go to these things? I know I don't watch (much) tv and as such miss much advertising but I thought that these forms of 'entertainment' died out in the mid-nineties.

I initially thought I felt piqued when I first found out but now I realized I am angry! Yes I know the argument that they have been brought up in captivity and are trained to perform blah blah blah but you have got to be kidding - an animal circus in the 21st century!

Yes, this is my rant for the day....


Gale said...

I saw circus's in my chilhood but neither Josef nor Bell has ever been to one...I cant remember them ever expressing a desire to do so..I'd far rather they went to the Western Plain zoo, (which they both have)...children are far to informed now, on animal rights to want to be entertained in this manner...Circus's what an archaic thing

maybahay said...

thanks for visiting my site.i hope you enjoy the eggplant.

i am with you re the circus. my husband and i refuse to take our children to these things. it's trying having to explain to grandparents, who want to take them why we don't want our children to see the animals humiliated this way.