Monday, October 8, 2007

It Rained A Little Bit

We had a little storm today.

There was thunder and lightning for a good half an hour and then the sky exploded. Two inches in 20 minutes :-)

Yes I had scheduled today as being gardening day but I will never say 'no' to a good rain storm. And it was looking a little dry so I was saved a job!

What interested me most about this one was the intensity with which it hit - the light dropped to similar levels of twilight, the wind picked up considerably, the rain just bucketed down - and then, well it was just gone.

The photos are during and after shots

1 comment:

kyles said...

I can take a deep breath looking at your during shot, and I can almost smell the dust....mmmm.... the rain washing all the dust down... and the smell of fresh rain is one of my favourite smells :)