Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thinking About Food

I have been thinking a lot about food over the last few months.

I think it started when I dropped the meat because I was asking myself "why should another being have to die just so I can live".

And then there was discussions I had with myself about food as fuel v food that feeds the spirit.

And there were discussions with brother G regarding the 'cost' of food to the planet, the changes in farming techniques, our choice of commercial crops based on convenience rather than taste or nutrition.

And there are thought as to the role of food in our lives. For example, I love to make fresh bread or fresh pasta whereas others look in disdain and ask 'why when you can just buy it'. And did you know you can actually buy onion slices in the freezer section of the supermarket - what ever happened to a knife??

And there is the trade-off of convenience v natural food without additives.

And then there is the the acceptance of the seasonality of food, rather than year-round supply - again with the trade off of flavor and texture.

And there is the knowledge of where our food comes from - from our own gardens, the local organic markets, or from an unknown place that is just defined by country of origin. Again what social, environmental and financial costs are associated with getting the food from the farm to the table. Does it matter that our asparagus comes from (say) Argentina?

And then there is the notion of food waste.

Okay, I don't have answers to any of these yet (if such a thing actually exists) but the thoughts are certainly reshaping the way I look at my world.

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