Monday, October 22, 2007

The Pinnacles

Not long before I moved to the east coast I stayed with the totally fabulous T family and they took me to The Pinnacles. These are limestone formations in the Nambung National Park a few hours north of Perth.

It is a bit bizarre because you drive from the beach (we were staying in nearby Jurien Bay) for about 45 minutes (from memory) through heath and spindly scrubland and then ....

It is awe inspiring and spooky and inspirational and so very weird - and yes that happens all at once!

I took these photos (and the rest) to use as inspiration for paintings - which I haven't done yet - but I have realized that there are many people in my world that have never seen this landscape or even realize exactly what it is.

Wiki has a great article if you want more info :-)


Anonymous said...

I've only heard about The Pinnacles - amazing!

Gale said...

Oh baby i love your photos..isnt that where billy connely ran around naked..hold on! was he there..if so u need to post them..

seriously it must have been awe inspiring

Mountaingirl said...

Not only did Billy run around naked but many others have too. Plus they have moon festivals and tourist buses arrive pre-dawn so people can watch/photograph the sun coming up over this strange little desert.