Monday, October 8, 2007


Okay it is a weird thing to blog but my hair is getting longer - probably the longest it has ever been - and I had a request from GW for a photo of it. Yes I could have emailed it privately, but hey! I have a blog and I am sure the world cares what the back of my head looks like :-) What I need now is a photo when it is wet because it is only an inch or so from my waist then!


Gale said...

I love ur hair..I love it out..i love it in those little dicki things u and A. get around in more long hair for me...sob ..but i do envy urs

kyles said...

mmmm...looks fab, my hair is too thick to grow too long anymore, the headaches kill me, but I do so love long hair, and I love the curls that you get, stop me if I ever start playing with