Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lemongrass Seeds

I have given up the fight with my lemongrass - it is determined to flower and is doing so, despite my attempts to prune off the flourishing bits. I just hope that I don't have 6 billion of the little things coming up because there is 12 seed heads - some much bigger than this one- out there!

Mind you the heads are just amazing to look at. A couple have spider webs inter-twined with the seeds - if I have a misty morning I will grab a photo.


Gale said...

Awe gees louise. I just planted one in a big pot with my parsely and that good or bad??

kyles said...

how could it be bad can never have enough lemon grass. If it seeds and shoots Rae, I'll buy one off you, apparently my dog thinks they taste yummy too :(

Anonymous said...

put a brown paper bag over the seed heads when they start turning and collect the seed rather than it spreading - you may be able to give gale more than 1 plant then