Friday, December 21, 2007

Ausbuy ...

I have long been a supported of the Ausbuy Guide ( a booklet that lists Australian owned companied) ...

Actually to back up a little, this is the order of preference that I used to apply to my purchase of food -
  • West Australian owned and made,
  • West Australian made,
  • Australian owned and made,
  • Australian made,
  • everyone else.

Depending on the budget there was a cost factor also taken into consideration but in an ideal world :-)

Since thinking about food miles, that has changed somewhat - Western Australia is a long way away :-) but, back to Ausbuy...

The Ausbuy guide makes it easier to assess products I might need but haven't already thought about. Breakfast cereal is a good example - I never buy breakfast cereal so, now that I do shopping for work, I was able to look it up and check out which companies are Australian and which are not. It also works with being able to check that companies I support haven't gone overseas when I wasn't watching.

As well as food it also covers things like funerals, travel companies, games and toys, newspapers, technology and, well the list goes on.

For $2.20 (from Woolworths) it is an excellent investment :-)

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