Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wellness Wednesday

Looking after your mental health is just as important as our physical health. Do you know the symptoms of depression? And did you know one in five people experience depression at same stage of their life - that would have to be as common as a broken leg!

Things to look out for (in you or someone you care about) could include:
  • moodiness that is out of character
  • increased irritability and frustration
  • finding it hard to take minor personal criticisms
  • spending less time with friends and family
  • loss of interest in food, sex, exercise or other pleasurable activities
  • being awake throughout the night
  • increased alcohol and drug use
  • staying home from work or school
  • increased physical health complaints like fatigue or pain
  • being reckless or taking unnecessary risks (e.g. driving fast or dangerously)
  • slowing down of thoughts and actions.
If that sounds familiar, why not talk to your GP about treatment options available. Medication is a possibility but it certainly is only one in a wide range of options available so don't be put off.

Want more information - check out the Beyond Blue website

Reference: Beyond Blue


kyles said...


my cousin David on my mothers side committed suicide nearly nine years ago, and it still affects everything I think and feel about depression and mental health.

I also have a family member struggling at the moment, and the first thing I asked him was if he was thinking of hurting himself. He was surprised that I would ask, but there still seems to be this fear that if we ask we will make it more likely to happen, love and support those around you...thanks for raising an important issue xo

Indigo-Daisy said...

Such a huge issue that people are not well educated on. It is not always something you can just snap out of and it can be very debilitating for some people. I take it very seriously as I have seen a few close calls with people I love dearly. Depression came close to taking his life and mine. fortunately, I was able to see it and get the help we needed.

Anonymous said...

I think Miss K, cause of our line of work, we are open and can ask that question straight up. Dealing with that situation now, and my cousin was thrown that I would even consider that being my first question.

God if we dont talk of it, or acknowledge that we've all felt that black at times...then you tend to think your the only one with these thoughts, leading to more isolation... Good post MG

Tinoneetiger said...

Thoughtfull and needed post

Mountaingirl said...

I never quite understood why there is the social stigma around mental health - at least it is changing a bit as the years go by.