Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eight Days and Counting

Yes the Olympics are getting closer and I think I am well and truly prepared.

The tv has gone back in the closet where it belongs. I have been solidly collecting podcasts so I have no need to listen to the radio (yes even my beloved Radio National, BBC and DW can't be trusted to be an Olympic free zone). There are cds in the car (long live Meat Loaf) so I have noise while I drive to and from work.

I know I can't avoid the abomination completely - I have a yahoo mail address so will have to visit there, there are news headlines on my homepage, I get the newspapers twice a week - but I am hoping I can extend it to maybe two or three days before I hear the first Olympic news and then maintain only a sporadic contact after that.

All of this training has to be worth it - I am going for Gold - and Olympic-free August!


Anonymous said...

Too easy, will be olympic free here too..

Mountaingirl said...

Maybe we should have "safe zones" while the games are on - there could be special signs in businesses or public areas indicating that it is "games-free" lol