Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Books Are Growing

The spare floor in my dining-lounge room is now literally half-covered by piles of books. I have walk-ways but it is all getting a bit ridiculous. I know I need book cases but I am too much of a miser to buy new ones and I haven't come across anything else I like since I got my first two (and no they didn't even make a small dent in the piles).

So now I have two options. The first is to stop buying books, and clear out some of the ones I have - ROFL, as if THAT is ever going to happen!!!! So now I look at option two, moving the piles along the wall down the passage. I am going to try and limit the piles to about six books high (for as long at that lasts) and I have started with the reference books, or vintage books, that I know I won't be looking at regularly. I was thinking about just moving a few piles but I have more books coming on Sunday so I am not really sure I have the luxury.

Of all of the 'problems' in my life, this would have to be the absolute best lol


Indigo-Daisy said...

Saw this sight and thought of you... here is a link on how to repair some of those old books

pita-woman said...

Just out of curiousity, if you ever decide to move to a different home, how on EARTH are you going to move all those books??

Anonymous said...

Get to the op shop darling..surely they would have book cases

kyles said...

i say build your own bookshelves along the hallway, three bricks high, then a plank of timber for the next shelf, just keep adding more bricks when you need another shelf!