Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I love my ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation). Have I mentioned that before lol.

The sound of the news starting takes me back to brown bread and butter in Grandma's kitchen.

Philip Adams' dulcet tones croons me to sleep while exciting my mind.

My pod is filled with exclusively ABC products - philosophy, history, politics, ethics, art, literature - that rotate every few days as more becomes available.

And today, Fran Kelly is back on Breakfast. Actually she came back yesterday but technical difficulties (network problems on the computer at work) prevented me from tuning in. Steve Kinane did a great job but it wasn't the same. Today my world is at peace again, Fran is back in the chair.

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Anonymous said...

Good god woman... what is Dulcet? Tis funny, my father had the pommy brothers over and each morning my father raises the flag in the front yard (yes odd I know)

The Poms had a video camera (very new at the time) and wanted to tape this.So out my father goes at dawn, raises the flag & the whole time he's whistling the anthem.. we play it back and hes actually whistling the theme for the ABC news...what a man!

Glad ur world is at peace...