Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Philosophy for Breakfast

I have been meditating on Abbey's post on Loni and forgiveness ever since it went up and find the whole concept of taking into account the 'offender's' motives both challenging and exciting.

Well this morning I was treated by the delightful sound - literally, he came in playing music - of Loni coming to work

A brief discussion on the philosophy of the forgiveness followed. I do say brief (20 minutes) because his answers were so succinct and salient and I had just finished night-shift.

I left with my soul well-fed and plenty more to think about. What a way to start a day :-)

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm time for Abbey to head back to the book shop for more Buddist books. I finished reading one last night and Im none the wiser....

you wait till he plays the drum in your ear...you didnt tell him I blogged him did you, he hates when I do that