Friday, August 29, 2008

What A Day!

My last full day of holidays and it has been awesome :-)

I dropped into work to check the roster and ended up saying hi to the lovelies - and meeting the new faces, found that one has been fading away to a shadow without my cooking (his story). Very exciting.

I have organized my new glasses - not the ones I posted though. To be honest they were a bit 'not me' to I found some which are still funky, but a bit more "Pearly". And I got two pairs (including lenses) for less than the price of one of the frames that I had photographed.

I have collected this fortnight's books - incredible bonus books this time (again).

And then I went and got stage two done on my tattoo - yes now I have "passion" with little flowers around. And I figured that some colorful flowers would be just fine but James made them into regular little works of art as well!!

So where are the photos I hear you ask? Well they are coming (yes I left the camera at home - doh!) but I should have the books out of the car by tomorrow, I am hoping to be able to pick up the glasses on Wednesday and the foot should look clean and perfect in a few days. So photos will appear in due course on that rough time line.

Talk about ending on a blast :-) So Mountaingirl is not only dancing, but she is dancing int he rain! A perfect way to finish the day.

Photo: "Big Mamma" by ingrids

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kyles said...

Seriously, I will have to stop gardening in my underwear!! I worried about the red pair, as I haven't seen you wearing much red, but then I thought the frames both suited your face :) Glad you found some others that you feel more comfortable in, after all thats what's important! Can't wait to see your passionate flowers xo