Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Interesting Perspective

I went to get my eyes checked this morning and although I hadn't had one for years I figured it would be a quick and easy procedure. I was wrong.

Yes the actual checking of my prescription went quickly and easily (and after five or six years I don't need a new prescription) but while all of that was happening I casually mentioned I was diabetic. Well that changed everything - I needed a comprehensive check on the health of my eye. Now my professional who was attending me did a fabulous job - obviously she knew what she was doing and she had a great personality - but I had to have the drops. Drops that dilate the pupils. I have heard about the drops. I didn't want the drops.

I thought it was only meant to last for an hour or two. My eyes still look very similar to the picture some 8 hours later (although they are slooooooooooowly getting better). Bright light hurts. Using the computer hurts - I am wearing my sunnies to do my couple of posts. I feel a bit nauseous from the weird way things look. My head hurts a bit from the same.

Sigh.... will wait and see how they are in the morning :-) But, on the good side (and yes there is one) my eyes appear to be very healthy indeed.


Alison said...

Oh no! I remember the drops! I hope they wear off very very soon.
That is great news about your exceptional eye health :)

pita-woman said...

Gotta love those drops... they do sting a bit, but the doc usually provides you with a very stylish (not!) pair of disposable sunglasses to wear afterwards, so you can walk around looking like a dork. Or not wear them and have everyone thing you've got a major drug problem from the stoned expression on your face. lol!!

kyles said...

Moth has those tests every 12 months due to glaucoma, he says you never get used to them, glad you eyes are ok xo