Sunday, August 17, 2008

Magic Moments

I am not even going to pretend to pick a Magic Moment this week - it has been awesome in every way from start to finish.

Monday was another great shopping day - we continue to do it quicker, and under budget. The only problem is I couldn't pick a Shopper of the Month due to some extraordinary performances - so I have two winners (if only all problems were so good).

One of my lovelies asked me come and cook with him on Monday night. He has been working consistently to improve his cooking skills so it was a pleasure to be able to say yes. I forgot the camera which was a big bummer (the plates looked fabulous) but to get the mouth watering we made chicken breasts that had been flattened and then rolled up (like a Swiss Roll) with mascapone, tomato pesto and baby spinach layered inside. These parcels were then wrapped in filo. They were served with a side salad of funky lettuce (new to the lovelies), cherry tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. They were absolutely scrumptious (and about $4 a head so that made me extra happy). And yes I did my usual trick of sitting on one side of the counter and providing advice without actually doing anything so my lovelie and his volunteer actually did it all by themselves. I added an apple tarte tartin (still don't know the French word for apple) for dessert.

On Wednesday we had the usual Wednesday lunch and I do believe this one turned out particularly well. It was topped though with my surprise present of a recipe book display from Miss A and Miss K and a card from the lovelies. I must admit I have spent many happy moments dancing around the kitchen displaying books standing back and admiring, then swapping them, then starting again (hey whatever makes me happy).

Thursday was my actual birthday and, aside from a text as a ridiculously early hour of the morning, I was loved with phone calls and emails coming through to make sure I knew what I meant to others. And I treated myself to just a glass of my favorite wine (okay, on Friday I had another couple and finished it). And it was the start of holidays.

Friday I had my official Olympic bust (had a little one Wednesday but it really was too small to worry about) - but I made it through a week with no relevant Olympic news at all - yes, you got it, no coverage!

And in between it all I have laughed a whole lot, got lots of sleep, eating fabulous food (on a salad kick at the moment). And I still have birthday money to spend. Life is nothing short of perfect :-)

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Anonymous said...


dance dance dance... i havent even looked at my moments this week... only one really stands out...

isnt it funny some weeks you have blessing after blessings...and some are blah...loved reading all yours darling....x