Monday, August 4, 2008

Booking Monday

I was just waaaay too tired to get the books out of my car yesterday but as the pile was (relatively) little I didn't need the usual week to pull them out. There was the usual bonus books (dance, dance, dance) but I was particularly interested in these.

Jo casually said "oh and I through in the art books - I thought you might like them". Like them? I love them! Some of the world's greatest paintings in black and white plate form. I can already imagine using them when I go back to teaching my little art group - not to mention just drooling over them in the meantime.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world - and looking back over all of my recent blessings, I have proof that I am :-)

Sigh ....


kyles said...

wow, cool fabulous are those art ones? do they smell good, i love the smell of old books xo

Anonymous said...

Oh they look gorgeous..Ill have to come over and have a look through them...u r a lucky bunny