Sunday, August 24, 2008

Go Australia :-/

I have awoken to the news that taxpayers have paid $17 million for each of the gold medals won by Australian athletes in Beijing. And not only is that an abomination but the sports authorities are blaming a lack of government funding on not winning more. They are currently formulating plans to increase government funding for London in 2012.

It's disgusting. Oi oi oi...


Anonymous said...

tut, tut. Accepting the narrow self fulfilling headlines of the papers. Dont forget that was paid accross all the athleats in all the sports including many who didnt even compete. Sport has a much deeper and more positive effect on our communities beside the headliness of doom and misbehaviour. Nairbe.

Mountaingirl said...

It was paid to athletes who participated in elite Olympic sports, not all sports and certainly not junior sport (apart form those individuals who are subject to talent scouts).

It is a ridiculous waste of money - why does this country spend so much time defining its image on the winning of sports events (the Olympics being the biggest of them all).

Imagine if we funneled that money into science and one of our best won another Nobel prize - now that is something the country could be proud of, and humanity as a whole could benefit.

Imagine if we funneled that money into education and our following crop of teachers or nurses or (well pick your occupation) were stronger and bolder and wiser than those who currently fill those occupations. How much better would the world be for that. (And no I am not criticizing AT ALL our current professionals).

All of that has a payoff that extends far further than the warm and fuzzy feeling of the Ray Martin or Alan Jones brigade that vicariously define themselves on the success (or otherwise) of others.

Sigh, can I get off my soapbox now?

Anonymous said...

yes yes quite right on so many levels, i was just making the point that the money was spent accross not just those few medals but all elite olympic sport. but as for the things sport does for our communities and i dont mean the nrl or afl i mean community sports organisations and the role played in community health, identity and parterships is deep and of emmense consiquence to not just our but all communities in many countries and societies. maybe the financial distribution does seem abit out of wack at the elite level when consideration is given to the commitments to science and the arts, but the point is more to improve one without the sacrifice of the other. Nairbe.

Mountaingirl said...

Give me a week or two and I will agree with you - still suffering from Olympic frustration - clouds the ability to gain perspective lol

kyles said...

gee lots of chatter here... i agree with you both, it truly is about an equitable share of the funding, I'm sure our Indigenous peoples would more 17 year mortality that'd be gold!