Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama! Obama! Obama!

I have just been listening to Obama's acceptance speech. I know it was preaching to the converted, I know the Convention is orchestrated.... but even so WOW!!! That man can speak! And yes I know he writes his own speeches and I did notice he didn't use any notes or prompts.

The fine detail was missing but it wasn't the time or the place for that - and the outline he provided was incredible. He hit the major issues with passion and a personal touch. He spoke of an American dream that I grew up with, and which has been lost under Bush and the 'greed is good' philosophy.

America, please vote on election day. My personal preference is obviously for Obama , but please make the time to turn up and tick a box, hit a button, pull a lever or whatever else you need to do. The politics of America affects each and every on of us on the face of the planet - if you don't want to vote for yourself, vote for me, vote for an Iraqi, vote for a Sudanese refugee, vote for those who are concerned about climate change, vote for those in your community who have lost their houses, or veterans that are returning without the necessary care and help they need.

Be a part of the process and let us have a leader that isn't dependent on hanging chads.


kyles said...

I admire your passion Pearl, to me the convention looked like a cross between a big day out concert and being at an awards ceremony...I think any change is better than what they have now, so I've got my fingers crossed xo

pita-woman said...

Hate politics... all the waste (of paper/plastic for campaign ads) and lies. You never know who to believe.
Anyway... about 2 or 3 years ago I saw Obama during an interview on GMA, he was virtually an unknown at that time. He was so articulate, I was very impressed! I came to work & was telling my co-worker, "mark my word, I've a feeling that man will someday be (running for)president... may not be for another 12 years, but I think he'll one day be somebody in charge". Imagine my surprise when he entered the race a year & a half later!!
So now Americans have a VERY historical election before them: either a black (or half-black) man in charge, or a woman as the 2nd in charge. It will be an interesting election to say the least!!

kyles said...

..and doesn't that woman (cain's running mate) look interesting...a NRA member, mum of 5 with a husband they call the 'first dude' ... unheard of with little expereince, just what they have been kicking obama for... hhhmmmm... bring it on i say!

Indigo-Daisy said...

Wasn't he great!!!!!

I am definitely voting for OBAMA. And I so love how he conveys that "I am my brothers keeper"! So much of politics these day has stooped to the "to each his own" theory.

Also I like that he has kept to the issues, laid out a vision and has shown that he wants to bring this country together again rather than ripping it apart like the Bush administration did.