Monday, August 4, 2008


I have started the 5-star (for difficulty) Sudoku in Saturday's paper and I am stuck. I think I shall just let it go. I love the challenge and I don't like to lose but, well it is just Sudoku :-)

And its not like I don't play on Facebook and on the web, in addition to my newspaper challenges lol.

BTW do you know my best Sudoku sight on the web - it is here. Yes it is Australian, yes it is free, yes you can play online or print them out and yes there are multiple levels of difficulty and yes you can avoid all of the ads. It's just perfect really :-)


kyles said...

have i told you lately that numbers confuse me??? i'll stick to scrabulous!

Indigo-Daisy said...

When I get stuck, I can put it down for weeks then pick it back up later and find the answer.

pita-woman said...

LOVE soduko!!
My sister got me hooked on it 'bout a year & a half ago. At times I've silently cussed her for getting me started on it.

Jason said...

Everyone I know loves this game...and yet no matter how many times I've tried--I can't figure it out.

Glad you enjoy it, though.

Anonymous said...

God Im with Miss K, have a kid at work mad on them, fixated even..nothing sillier to me than working with numbers unless one is forced to..cant imagine doing it having a tooth pulled... Now like Miss K, I can handle words but 9 times out of 10 puzzles frustrate me