Sunday, August 3, 2008

Magic Moments

I had the Magic Moment home and hosed early this week.

I was pruning the lemongrass when my neighbor came out and we had a great chat about nothing I particular. It was she had gone back inside that my neighbor from the other side came bounding out her house, sending me very positive greetings, highlighted by a genuine wave of the hand. There I stood, feeling very much a part of my world and thinking "yep Magic Moment".

That was until Saturday morning rolled around. I finished work and was ready to hit the road. I started the car and began to reverse. You can imagine my surprise when a large grey-and-white rabbit hops out from under the car. Now that puts a smile on a girl's face.

But Magic wasn't done with me yet. I was driving through one of the local towns that had a new banner up. The local Magpies football team had a home game this weekend at the Gravy. Yes I was giggling strongly at this point. It wasn't until my view was less obscured that I could read it properly to discover that they were actually "Home at the Grave Yard". Ok it makes a lot more sense when you read it that way but for me, sorry, but the Magpies play at the Gravy :-)

So I had warm fuzzies, a smile and a laugh to choose from as my Magic Moment. Guess which one won?


Alison said...

Gorgeous moments! I am glad Mr Rabbit had a safe encounter with your car!
Love the magpies playing at the gravy.. lol.
That feeling of connectedness is pretty magical, too.

Anonymous said...

Wonder where the rabbit came from or where he was going? Great moments chick.

kyles said...

hey mg, i've done my share of night shifts...was there really a wabbit?? giggles