Saturday, August 30, 2008

Booking Friday/Saturday

I finally got them all out of the car - why did I have to develop such a heavy hobby lol?

Anyway, I have another 4' pile of books to find a spot for -might have to start in the bedroom because I still haven't found a home for the last lot lol. Most of this fortnight's gems are cooking related although there is a vintage Yates Garden Guide and some sundry surprises.

So this afternoon (while I am meant to be blogging or sleeping) I am voraciously consuming my books. Yah!


kyles said... want me to keep my eye out for a bookshelf, although one would hardly make a dent! I've got a small one here you can have, will bring it over next time I'm out your way xo

Mountaingirl said...

Yes please bookshelves are definitely on my list of things to buy :-)

Mountaingirl said...

BTW would the one you ahve fit in the back of my car? That way I can save you a trip - appreciating you have lots to do at the moment lol